Brilliant Beginnings

Each topic within our curriculum starts with a Brilliant Beginning. This is a hook into the topic and aims to capture children’s enthusiasm and generate excitement. These are often active and creative experiences to enhance the children’s learning.  


Summer 2 – 2022 – Brilliant Beginnings

Year 1 – We Have Blast Off!

Year 1 had a great start to their new topic ‘We Have Blast Off!’ A rocket and planet mysteriously appeared in the Year 1 corridor. The children spent a whole afternoon investigating space. They designed their space suits and aliens; they painted planets, built constellations and read lots of space books. They are very excited to begin building their own space museum for the end of the half term. 

Year 2 – Once Upon a Time

Year 2 started their first day back at school as traditional fairy-tale characters. They read some traditional stories, such as Jack and the Beanstalk, and learnt lots about what makes a story a traditional tale. 

Year 3 – Lighting up the World

Year 3 had an interactive Science afternoon to introduce their new topic, Lighting up the World. They were visited by the amazing Dr DNA! The children learnt lots of facts about light and participated in a number of experiments. This included human light bulbs, bending light and even burning bogies.  

In the classroom, the children enjoyed making their own paper lanterns, which they lit up with LED candles.  

Year 4 – Norse Invaders

A strange, old scroll was delivered to year 4 and using Viking rune symbols the children were able to decipher the message and begin to ask questions about who the Vikings were. Some of the children created their own Viking names and messages. 

Year 5 – Deforestation!

I am writing to inform you that as of September 2022, Creative Education Trust have proposed the sale of the majority of the woodland area that belongs to your school’ Not the welcome back to school Year 5 had in plan. After receiving a letter from the trust informing us on the potential destruction of our Woodland area, the students went straight to work exploring our Wonderful Woodland Area. Stay tuned for our response to the letter.  

Year 6 – Settle Down!

Year 6 are exploring the topic of settlements and migration this half term. They were given the opportunity to explore the thought process behind creating a settlement. They imagined they had landed on an uninhabited island and needed to set up their own settlement. They came up with shelters and ways of finding food and collecting water. There were some very creative and clever designs! 

Summer 1 – 2022Brilliant Beginnings

Year 1 – Amazing Animals 

Year 1 investigated the mysterious footprints that appeared in sand and snow. They became animal researchers; they children thought that some elephants, penguins and other animals from hot and cold places had left them footprints to look at. 

Year 2 – Into the Rainforest  

Year 2 have created their own ‘rainforest in a jar.’ They went onto the field to collect stones to use as a base in the jar and then added compost on top. The children put some seeds inside and then put grass on the top. To add humidity, they sprayed lots of water inside. Now, they are going to watch them grow!


Year 3 – Revolutionary Romans 

Year 3 have learnt about the Roman army; they learnt about how successful the army were and the strategies they used to invade other countries. The children designed and then painted their own life-sized shield. After that, they marched outside as if they were in the Roman Army. 


Year 4 – Journey into the Unknown 

Year 4 explored the question ‘What was life like for the Anglo-Saxons?’ The children looked at their houses and what food was available to them. Using the ingredients that they had access to, the children made their own Anglo-Saxon biscuits.  

Year 5 – The Maya and Anglo Saxons 

Year 5 have continued their topic from Spring into Summer Term 1. 

However, they have kick-started their unit on ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’ by becoming SCIENTISTS and conducting a range of experiments.  
They have explored scientific vocabulary including solvent & solute, and understand when combined, this creates a solution. The children have designed and conducted fair tests to discover which substances dissolve, and which are insoluble, as well as trying to separate them again.  

Year 6 – Monarchs Through Time 

Year 6 have learnt a song all about Henry VIII’s wives and choreographed they’re own actions. 

They have also kicked off their Science topic this half term by making a mixture to represent the different components of blood. They mixed all the ingredients together and observed them separating over a period of time.