We follow the White Rose Mathematics Strategy at Woodlands, which is derived from the current National Curriculum.

Calculations are taught according to the Woodlands Primary Academy Calculation Policy, which has an emphasis on high expectations with most of the formal calculations experienced by the end of Year 4. We have a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to Mathematics, which allows pupils to manipulate, number physically, moving on to drawing pictures and diagrams to represent their calculations before working in the abstract of number. This is a fluid approach allowing pupils to move back and forth, as their needs require, to help them grasp the fundamental conceptual understanding of Mathematics.

We have a strong emphasis on problem solving and reasoning at Woodlands with children focussing on the core calculations in their arithmetic sessions allowing them to explore maths deeply in their main Mathematics lesson. Our pupils are continuously challenged to prove or disprove key theoretical ideas in maths to allow them to fully engage with what they are learning. They are also expected to articulate their thoughts around core methods to demonstrate their understanding. As a result of this approach, Maths at Woodlands Primary Academy is full of energy, exploration and engagement.

Maths vision statement 

At Woodlands, we believe the language of mathematics is universal. Our aim is to give our children the foundation blocks for opportunities in the future and to develop a secure subject knowledge, enabling them to apply it to reasoning, problem solving and real-life situations. This is delivered by developing a deep understanding of maths through a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. Our approach to maths helps our children to embed a deeper understanding of maths as children understand what they are doing rather than just learning to repeat routines.  

Our children begin their Maths journey in our Nursery where they begin to develop their mathematical thinking through play and exploration in a stimulating environment. In Reception the children continue to develop these skills with the addition of a formal maths lesson. Throughout the Reception year the children work towards the end of year Curriculum Goals (which are based on the Educational Programmes in the EYFS Statutory Framework) and are assessed against the Early Learning Goals at the end of the year. Through daily maths lessons, Years 1-6 experience the three aims in the National Curriculum (fluency, reasoning and problem solving) to develop their deepening understanding of a concept. As a result, our children develop a positive mindset and attitude towards maths and their confidence in maths shines through.  

At Woodlands we use the White Rose scheme of learning and its supporting materials as well as other reputable resources. Children use Times Tables Rockstars at school and have the option to access it at home to reinforce their learning.  

Staff are continuously assessing where pupils are and, through live marking, misconceptions can be addressed. Possible misconceptions are also identified when planning.  

Our Maths Subject Leaders, Mrs Stubbins and Miss Jowett, are passionate about maths and can be contacted if you wish to find out more about our vision for maths at Woodlands.