In the Early Years and key stage one we follow Letters and Sounds, high quality phonics programme for planning and delivering phonics. Reading books are matched to children’s understanding of phonics .Children are taught according to the phase of phonics that meets their needs. Our children consistently achieve above national expectations in the year 1 phonics screening check each year.


When children join Woodlands they will have a reading book to support their development of phonics as they become more fluent during year 1 and 2 they will join the Accelerated Reading programme. All children have a daily thirty minutes designated timetable slot for reading and those on the Accelerated Reading programme will read books matched to their level of comprehension. Once a book is completed they will take a quiz before moving onto the next level or choose another book. We strongly promote home reading and provide incentives and rewards for children making progress. Children also have the opportunity to select a reading book from our extensive library for their own enjoyment. Our librarian is available all day and the library is open for all age groups every lunchtime.


We follow the national curriculum for the teaching of English. Year groups plan lessons based on a novel or text and incorporate all aspects of National Curriculum spelling, grammar and punctuation into planning in line with the end of year expectations. Children are assessed regularly throughout the year with teachers using end of year expectations  and end of key stage writing expectations as guidelines for assessing progress in writing. We encourage all children to use the correct pencil grip from Nursery and through Reception and key stage 1 to ensure children can form letters correctly and when ready, join fluently.

In addition we use Lexia to support children with spelling strategies and comprehension as well as Cracking Comprehension.



We follow the White Rose Mathematics Strategy at Woodlands, which is derived from the current National Curriculum.

Calculations are taught according to the Woodlands Primary Academy Calculation Policy, which has an emphasis on high expectations with most of the formal calculations experienced by the end of Year 4. We have a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to Mathematics, which allows pupils to manipulate, number physically, moving on to drawing pictures and diagrams to represent their calculations before working in the abstract of number. This is a fluid approach allowing pupils to move back and forth, as their needs require, to help them grasp the fundamental conceptual understanding of Mathematics.

We have a strong emphasis on problem solving and reasoning at Woodlands with children focussing on the core calculations in their arithmetic sessions allowing them to explore maths deeply in their main Mathematics lesson. Our pupils are continuously challenged to prove or disprove key theoretical ideas in maths to allow them to fully engage with what they are learning. They are also expected to articulate their thoughts around core methods to demonstrate their understanding. As a result of this approach, Maths at Woodlands Primary Academy is full of energy, exploration and engagement.

Science and the Creative Curriculum

Science  and RE are taught as a discrete timetabled lesson in all year groups from year 1 to year 6. Other foundation subjects are currently taught a topic based approach which is closely linked to a progressive skills based in all foundation areas, this includes P.S.H.E and E-Safety.

We promote healthy eating and cooking through Design and Technology and Science units of work and have a science and DT room with cookers and areas for practical learning. We also have a designated Art Area and year groups regularly use our Woodland area for Bushcraft and other creative learning experiences.

Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) is taught through all subjects. We have specialist IT room with thirty computers and three class trolleys of Chrome books as well as class ipads.

We have a specialist music teacher who delivers the music curriculum to all year groups from Reception through to year 6. Over the past two years year 6 have been part of the Whole Class Instrumental Teaching  led by Norfolk music hub. All year 6 children have been given a p-bone on loan for the year so that they can have weekly class lessons and also have the opportunity to practice at home. We also offer a range of peripatetic music lessons and support opportunities for all children through the pupil premium funding.

We have a specialist PE instructor who delivers the PE curriculum to all year groups from Reception to year 6. We offer a wide range of lunchtime and after school sports clubs and we are proud of the many successes  that Woodlands have achieved over the years. We have a strong track record in winning a wide variety of sporting events at local, County and National level.