A Message from the Headteacher

Welcome to Woodlands Primary Academy, a school that I am proud to be the Headteacher of. Here at woodlands we value the family feel we have created, where everyone strives to provide the best educational experience for our children.  All the staff, parents and children work collaboratively, ensuring everyone is included, supported and have the same opportunities.

I believe that a school must create a positive ethos and establish a love of learning so that pupils become independent learners, are happy to take risks and challenge themselves; to understand that it is through making mistakes that we learn. All pupils should achieve their full potential across a wide and varied curriculum, including academic, artistic and athletic studies.  Here all pupils are treated as individuals, we encourage and nurture personal interests and give them time to discover individual talents and skills.

At Woodlands, we will work hard to ensure that our pupils experience the richness of the cultural world.  Pupils will learn to be a member of the wider community, they will develop their understanding of a range of views and beliefs, as well as developing their understanding and appreciation of British values.  When they leave us, we aim for them to become well-rounded citizens, respectful of all different belief systems.

With continued support from our trust, The Creative Education Trust, I am looking forward to seeing the school continuing to improve its creative provision.

Mrs Vicky Platten