All parents want the best for their children and for them to get on well in life. Having a good education is important to ensure that they have the best opportunities in their adult life. They only get one chance at school, and your child’s future may be affected by not attending school or alternative provision regularly.

If children do not attend school regularly they may:

  • Struggle to keep up with school work. In a busy school day it is difficult for schools to find the extra time to help a child catch up.
  • Miss out on the social side of school life. Poor attendance can affect children’s ability to make and keep friendships; a vital part of growing up.

What does your child’s percentage attendance mean?

Parents/carers often become confused about what good attendance is. As a school our target attendance percentage is 96%.

Attendance Percentage Days missed over    a school year Sessions missed Weeks missed
100% 0 Days missed  0 sessions 0 weeks
95% 9.5 Days missed 19 sessions 1.5 weeks
90% 19 Days missed 38 sessions 3 weeks
85% 28.5 Days missed 57 sessions 4.5 weeks
80% 38 Days missed 76 sessions 6 weeks or ½ a term



School Punctuality

Lateness = Lost Learning = Minutes amount to days

Being on time is also vital. Arriving late at school can be very disruptive for your child, their teacher and the other children in the class.

If your child if late in to school by 5 minutes each day, that adds up to 3 days of missed school in a year!

Minutes lost each day Days lost per school year
5 minutes 3 days
10 minutes 6 days
15 minutes 10 days
20 minutes 12 days
30 minutes 18 days

The school day starts at 8.40am for all year groups. KS1 finish at 3.10pm meaning 32.5 hours of learning a week. KS2 finish at 3.15pm meaning 32.92 hours of learning a week.


Reporting an Absence

If your child is unable to attend school you must contact us as soon as possible on the first day of absence, preferably before 9.00am.  You can contact us via Arbor or call the office on 01493 665314 and leave a message, please make sure you state your child’s name, class and the reason for absence.

If your child is absent we will:

  • Telephone or text you on the first day of absence if we have not heard from you;
  • Invite you in to discuss the situation with our Attendance Lead and Pastoral Support if absences persist;
  • Refer the matter to the Educational Welfare Service if attendance moves below 85%. Attendance below 85% is labelled by the Government as persistent and triggers a formal legal process.