Our values and ethos

Excellence Through Opportunity

Excellence: Striving for the best
  • We will provide the very best teaching and learning experiences for all our children.
  • We will support all our children to do their very best and understand how to improve.
  • We will strive for high academic standards and value all pupils’ achievements.
  • We will offer our children a superb learning environment.
  • We will work in close partnership with parents as they support their sons and daughters on the learning journey.
Opportunity: a fair chance for all
  • We will provide the foundation for learning for all our children by giving them the best educational start.
  • We will insist on our children’s entitlement to develop a broad range of knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • We will provide rich opportunities for children in sport and the arts.
  • We are committed to equality of opportunity for everyone.
  • We will support our children to develop positive attitudes so that they never limit the opportunities of others through stereotyping or intolerance.
At Woodlands we will:
  • Realise high expectations of our children’s development intellectually, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially;
  • Send all our children the clear and sustained message that they are important people and that their contribution is valued highly;
  • Ensure that our children are able to access their learning through excellent attainment in Literacy and Mathematics;
  • Encourage our children to take responsibility for their own learning by building on their strengths and interests, supporting them in making choices and promoting independent learning in the classroom and beyond;
  • Provide a stimulating environment where our children feel it is safe to learn and where challenges are relished;
  • Develop mutual respect and self-discipline through clear boundaries and high expectations of effort and performance;
  • Offer a broad, balanced and enriching creative curriculum for all our children;
  • Encourage the physical development of our children through offering opportunities for active and interactive learning;
  • Recognise that the purpose of the school is to help a family help a child and that significant learning takes place outside school;
  • Provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for parents, governors and staff;
  • Provide the children with an awareness and respect towards a world outside of Woodlands;
  • Prepare our children for a smooth transfer to the next phase of education.