Friday 30th April 2021: Captain Tom 100 – supporting the Captain Tom Foundation

Woodlands took part in a fundraising day for The Captain Tom Foundation by completing different activities all based around the number 100.

Children in Year 5 completed Captain Tom maths challenges.

Children in Reception decorated 100 hearts for a Captain Tom display and baked him birthday cakes.

Year 4 took up the challenge of throwing and catching 100 bean bag throws.

Year 6 completed a range of challenges: one group were challenged to pick two everyday objects that would weigh 100g together; they also calculated different ways to make 100 and ran, jogged or walked to see how close they could get to 100 laps in 60 minutes.

Monday 8th – Friday 12th March 2021: Science Week

Children across the school were asked to make insects. They had to use their engineering skills as they were only allowed to use paper and scissors.

Children in Year 6 dissected hearts to identify and name the main parts.

 They also made blood using a range of alternative ingredients! 

Thursday 4th March 2021: World Book Day

The children at Woodlands enjoyed dressing up as part of World Book Day (as well as the staff!)

Thursday 25th February 2021: Norfolk Schools Rainbow Superhero Day

Woodlands took part in the Norfolk Schools Rainbow Superhero day to recognise all of the hard work of Critical Workers.

As a school, we collected donations to make care packages for a variety of Critical Workers to show our appreciation for all that they do.