School Information

Woodlands is a Primary school and nursery, catering for children from the age of 3 to 11. We are situated in the village of Bradwell, near to Great Yarmouth.

Each year group has 2 classes and we have just over 400 children in total.  At just below the national average, 14% of our children have special educational needs and 15% of our children receive pupil premium funding.

At Woodlands we teach the national curriculum through topics.  We aim to give the children an fully immersive education, linking all subjects together within each topic.  Using this approach enables them to see the links across subjects and gives them opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge.

We are a part of the Creative Education Trust, as such we aim to make our lessons as interesting and creative as we can.  We believe that children learn better when they can really explore a subject, take some risks and are enabled to challenge themselves and ask questions.

Every child at Woodlands is taught PE and music every week by specialist teachers.  Through PE and music our children not only learn skills but also how to work as a team and support each other, how to persevere and be brave, and also how to assess their own, and others,  performances and how to offer feedback in a supportive way.  These values and qualities can also be seen in the classroom, where the children apply them to all lessons.