All schools are allocated extra funding each year. Information about pupil premium funding can be found under the pupil premium tab.

Catch Up Funding

With schools being closed for several months this year, the government has given all schools extra funding to support children who have fallen behind and enable them to catch up. The document below outlines what we have used that extra funding for.

Sports Premium Funding

The PE and Sports Premium is funded by the Department for Education, with a view to increase physical education, active lifestyles and sports for all primary school pupils.

The premium therefore enables schools to build the foundations of a sustainable sports strategy. This will ensure a lasting improvement on physical activity in schools in the future.

The funding aims to achieve a self-sustaining improvement in all areas of PE, from the quality of physical education to introducing health focused physical activities and after school sports.

  • Engage all pupils in regular physical activity and healthy active lifestyles
  • Increase confidence, knowledge and skills of PE and sport teaching staff
  • Broaden the range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  • Encourage the participation of pupils in competitive sports