Fabulous Finishes

Each topic ends with a Fabulous Finish. These are opportunities for children to celebrate their topic learning in an inspiring and stimulating way. These can be sharing their learning with others, such as parents, or an experience that they have been working towards as part of their learning.

Summer 1 – 2022 – Fabulous Finishes

Year 1 – Amazing Animals 

Children in Year 1 learnt all about the Savannah and David Attenborough. They acted out David Attenborough filming a scene for one of his television programmes. 

Year 2 – Into the Rainforest

After learning all about the Amazon Rainforest, Year 2 had a fantastic trip to Amazona Zoo where they looked at some of the different animals you can find in the rainforest. They children had a great time, and found it was great seeing a toucan in real life rather than just in a picture! The children had learnt about how some of the animals adapted to suit their habitats and at the zoo, they could see a snapshot of why these adaptations are so useful.  

Year 3 – Revolutionary Romans

As part of their topic, Year 3 have been reading the book ‘Escape from Pompeii’. They finished their topic by becoming news readers for the day. The children were filmed interviewing a person who was lucky enough to get away from Pompeii before Mount Vesuvius exploded.

Year 4 – Journey into the Unknown

As part of their topic looking at the Anglo-Saxons, Year 4 have explored the artefacts discovered at Sutton Hoo and also the Staffordshire Hoard. For their fabulous finish, pictures of the items that were discovered were hidden in the Year 4 area and children had to find them and discuss with their group: what they thought the item was? What was it made of? What was it used for? And what could this tell us about Anglo-Saxon life? The children had fun searching for the items and had some great ideas as to what the items would have been used for.

Year 5 – The Maya and Anglo Saxons

Throughout the Spring and Summer term, Year 5 have been exploring the impact the Maya and Anglo Saxons have had on the world. After building up a fantastic bank of knowledge and understanding, they finished their History learning with a historical debate – ‘The Maya Civilization was far more superior than the Anglo Saxons’. All students contributed amazingly and really showcased their strong historical understanding. In the end, the Speaker found it too difficult to declare a winner, announcing it as a draw. 

Year 6 – Monarchs Through Time

Year 6 have spent the half term learning all about the circulatory system. They discovered the four different components of blood (red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets) and their roles, the difference between blood vessels and finally looked at the function and structure of the heart. They applied their knowledge when dissecting hearts for themselves – finding the four separate chambers, aorta and pulmonary vein.